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TED™ Hair Restoration

TED™ Hair Restoration in Worthington, OH

TED™ Hair Restoration

What Is TED Hair Restoration?

Medications and eating patterns can cause early hair loss at nearly any stage of life. Androgenetic alopecia, also referred to as female and male pattern baldness, has proven to be a very common form of hair loss, causing thin, patchy hair that, over time, might dissipate completely and impact an individual's self-esteem. At Innovative Aesthetics, we provide TED™ by Alma, along with the TED+ Hair Care Formula, as a nonsurgical procedure to stimulate hair growth. Acoustic waves and pressurized air from the TED device supply the specialized TED+ hair care serum deep into your scalp to promote blood circulation while providing essential nourishment that help lengthen, fortify, and retain the hair. To learn more about how you could benefit from this hair loss treatment option, book a consultation with Medical Director Dr. Thomas A. Morse at our facility in Worthington, OH.

How Does TED Hair Restoration Work?

The Alma TED non-invasive Hair Restoration and growth technology is revolutionary. No more searching to the ends of the earth for hair shedding, hair loss, or hair thinning solutions. The technology behind the TED device is it's ultrasound-based system which utilizes pressure from air along with sound waves to carefully and efficiently penetrate a powerful topical hair growth formula into the client's scalp. The combination of these steps are designed to optimize blood flow, enhance scalp health, and trigger stimulation of hair follicles to produce thicker and stronger hair.

The TED procedure is known for offering the benefits of producing stronger and thicker hair without the unpleasant shedding that is commonly associated with in-office hair restoration treatments.

Ideal Candidates for Alma TED Treatment

Alma TED Treatment for Hair Shedding, Hair Loss, and Thinning|Consultation with Innovative Aesthetics

Do you struggle with hair shedding, hair loss or hair thinning? You may be an ideal candidate for Alma TED treatment. Our team at Innovative Aesthetics recommends a consultation to determine if you are suitable for this innovative solution. Designed to help anyone struggling with hair loss or looking to improve the overall volume and appearance of their hair, Alma TED offers a non-invasive solution for a fuller, thicker head of hair. Schedule a consultation with Innovative Aesthetics today and discover the benefits of Alma TED treatment for your hair loss concerns.

What Should I Expect after TED Hair Restoration?

After TED Hair Restoration at Innovative Aesthetics, clients can expect a revitalized appearance with natural-looking results. The treatment encourages hair growth, reducing thinning areas. Some mild discomfort or redness may occur immediately after treatment, but these usually subside quickly. Professional care and follow-up appointments at our Worthington, OH office ensure the success and longevity of the procedure.